BizX - Galveston(Houston)

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April 07, 2021
ActionCOACH Houston has partnered with "BizX  - Globally United" to bring you a line up of superstars that bring the latest business information to business-minded professionals from across the globe in one dynamic setting. We're putting together a Galveston get-away hotel venue package to be able to experience the event with other like minded business owners that will keep you going to accomplish your goals in 2021.

Our local pricing for hotel and event will be coming soon. Feel free to browse the speaker bio's

Fun Fact: Texas first saw lights in Galveston
Leader in Technology. Not only was Galveston the first in food, it was also a leader of technology in Texas. Galveston was the first city in Texas to have gas lights (1856) and electric lights (1883). In 1878 the first telephone in Texas was installed in Colonel Belo's office.,installed%20in%20Colonel%20Belo's%20office.
Tim Sullivan, CEO, (713) 936-3814