News Release: 2/9/2021

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February 09, 2021
The IRS is sending out letters to taxpayers claiming they did not pay when in fact they have. 

These letters are bypassing the normal sequence of notices and going straight to the end with an intent to seize. The letters are scary, but we want everyone to know that the IRS is at fault here. If you faithfully paid, this is a problem with the IRS. You do need to respond to the letter so the IRS does not take enforcement action. In order to respond appropriately, you need to have good records (cancelled checks, bank statements showing the payments, etc...). 

Don't be afraid of the letters, but don't ignore them either. 

The IRS is acknowledging this problem, but in true fashion they are not admitting fault or even working with taxpayers. There is a small bullet list at the top of the page link below that describes the issue.