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Free Stolen Credentials Check
Don't be left in the dark, find out if your company's passwords are on the DarkWeb

Target, Home Depot, Yahoo, Equifax.  Hundreds of company's databases with YOUR INFO have been breached.  Most of the time that information ends up on the Dark Web for sell to the highest bidder with passwords, email, SSN, and more.  

Byte-Werx is offering, as a free service, to chamber members a one-time search through 2.78 BILLION existing Dark Web compromised credentials to see what info of yours and your company's is out there.

Make sure you're not still using compromised passwords. We will provide this information to you at no cost or obligation. We will also offer a 15 minute in-person meeting as a follow-up to give you some basic tips and tools to help prevent this.

To receive you free Dark Web Credential fill out this small form and we will return contact within 48 hours.

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phone: (346) 757-0700
Offer Valid: April 27, 2018April 27, 2019
Houston West Chamber of Commerce