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Maximizing Your Return on People
Are you Maximizing Your Return on People? Guaranteed Value or it's free!
People Optimization is offering our members a 50% discount on a customized Talent Strategy Review providing an insight lens into your business with a practice called talent optimization, allowing you to better align your people with your business goals. The session will inquire 4 reflective questions for your business -
1. Are
we designed to deliver on the goals (i.e., do we have the players on the field in the right position to score)
2. A
re we hiring with intentionality to support and drive the needs of the business?
Are we motivating our people in the ways that inspire and boost engagement?
Are there any trouble spots under the surface the could impact the business execution risk?

By the end of our 60-minute session, you will walk away with:
Identifying the top 3 obstacles impacting your business potential and the best course(s) of action for your team(s).  Ultimately a quick wins within 30 days or less!


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Offer Valid: July 14, 2021December 31, 2021
Houston West Chamber of Commerce